Marble Italian Style – Professionals Marble

Marble Italian Style is a company specialized in the construction of floors and walls in marble, granite, porcelain, wood, resins and any other type of natural or artificial material.
Our company specializes in coating total of pools with highly specific products.
Born from a fusion of the best craftsmen who met over the last twenty years of work on construction sites: professionals in love with their work and with a real passion for the marble and natural stone and artificial.
We work very well abroad and we are connected with the best Italian and foreign companies for each type of job..
We have strong partnerships with professionals in our industry with whom often we face and we can help: We can offer the customer the package “turnkey” whether we speak of a simple shelf, a bathroom, a home, a hotel or a shopping center.
During these years, we have already addressed many times all of these types of sites and we feel able to satisfy the customer in the best way, because we define ourselves finished work only when we are satisfied with the result.
We can also solve many problems existing in the floors, consolidate and deal with products oleo hydro repellent and nanotechnology and follow each refresher course for new arrivals on the market.
Professionalism and knowledge of our work in customer service at anytime anywhere in the world.

Fields of action / Contracts

  • Great works of building
  • Shopping centers
  • Convention centers
  • Hotels
  • Residential Centers
  • Swimming pools (indoor and outdoor)
  • Green building


We assure our customers certainty.
Let’s quality standards over time, responsibility and collaboration capabilities.
This is why we are a trusted business. We have the ability to listen, imagine, create, ability to manage complex construction, innovative materials and sophisticated techniques, ability to give qualified answers to all requirements at all times.


We keep pace with technological innovations with enthusiasm without forgetting the art of the past that made us grow and create the best possible conditions at all times for all who live, work and invest in our buildings.


We offer a design collaboration with clients, architects and engineers.
This is achieved thanks to our engineers and consultants through the organization and control of all phases of the work, from design to construction and final finish.


We work with complete control of each site to ensure a certain result on the final product, giving special attention to the agreed time and detail.
Regarding the systems of concrete, we use the latest technology supported by training and continuous updating of all levels.

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